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We've increased revenue, saved time and made everything more efficient for our customers!
Everything is clear and organized. On some claims I'm even seeing an $100/claim increase!
5 Stars
Dr. Steven Shoshany
When I was billing myself, I was getting a 30% success claim rate, now it is 100%
5 Stars
Dr. Scott Solomon
BrookBelle Chiropractic
I feel like I’m getting payments again, whereas before I was hardly getting anything
5 Stars
Dr. My-hanh Nguyen-Weinberg
I was at my wits end trying to get insurance companies to pay. Soundry got me back on track
5 Stars
Dr. Jon Koota
Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist
Soundry is very attentive and always makes sure everything is correct. I recommend them
5 Stars
Dr. Ilya Simakovsky
Soundry Pro has made me more efficient and they are helping me maximize revenue.
5 Stars
Dr. Greg Funk


7% for successful claims. Soundry's EHR is free if receive 10 or more successful claim remittances a month.

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