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Personal, dedicated biller
Only 7% in fees, if you qualify
97% claim success
Transparent reporting
30% increase in collections
Save 40+ hours per month
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Our customers are seeing results
I feel like I’m getting payments again, whereas before I was hardly getting anything
5 Stars
Dr. My-hanh Nguyen-Weinberg
I was at my wits end trying to get insurance companies to pay. Soundry got me back on track
5 Stars
Dr. Jon Koota
Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist
Acupuncture billing experts
You'll get an acupuncture medical billing services biller who deeply understands acupuncture coding and billing. Experts in billing for dry needling, cupping and moxibustion and more.
Personal, dedicated biller
Our highly experienced acupuncture billers give you personalized live support. Call, text or email your biller.
Increase practice revenue
Can you bill for fertility treatments or only for chronic lower back pain? We'll analyze your practice and optimize your codes to increase revenue.
Save time
We handle all Billing and Claim Denial follow-ups. Add-on Eligibility Checks and Accounts Receivables. We’ll call to see if codes like 97026, 97810 etc…are eligible.
All insurance, across all states
Whether it is in-network, out-of-network, VA, all commercial, auto or workers' comp, our acupuncture medical billing services can handle all of these.
Transparent communication & reporting
Always have transparency on the status of all claims with real-time reporting and dashboards.

A seamless billing process for acupuncturists

We get to know the nuances of your practice:

Our onboarding team transitions you seamlessly
Practice analysis and revenue optimization
Billing, denials, payment posting and calling insurance payers
Add-on Eligibility Checks and Accounts Receivable
Custom Acupuncture Billing Software and Services

All insurance types, all states

Our acupuncture medical billing services team is able to tackle any type of insurance:

Out-of-network or in-network insurance
(VA) Veterans Administration
Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare Advantage
Workers' compensation, auto insurance, PIP
All regional and commercial insurance plans
Acupuncture medical billing services team

Extensive EHR experience

JaneApp, zHealth, Unified Practice, Kareo, DrChrono, PracticeMate, SimplePractice, Healthie, Practice Better, WebPT, Eclipse, Platinum, CUREMd, Acusimple, Acubliss, PracticeFusion, AdvanceMD, OfficeAlly and many more! Or, use Soundry's EHR which is included for free if you have more than 10 successful claim remittances per month.

Massage Therapy EHR and billing software


Only 7% for successful claims, if you qualify based on insurance volume or if you use Soundry's EHR.

Soundry's EHR is free if you have more than 10 claim remittances per month. No other monthly minimums or recurring fees.

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Note: Claim success rates, collections increases and hours saved are averages. Results will vary depending on individual practice situations.

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