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Custom Chiropractic Billing Software and Services

Chiropractic Billing Software and Services

7% for Successful Claims + A Dedicated Biller
Our Customers Are Seeing Results
Everything is better. Soundry is easy to work with and I’m starting to see the money come in again
5 Stars
Dr. Steven Shoshany
When I was billing myself, I was getting 30% success claim rate, now it is 100%
5 Stars
Dr. Scott Solomon
BrookeBelle Chiropractic
They're very attentive and always try to make sure everything is correct. They do a good job
5 Stars
Dr. Ilya Simoakovsky
Chiropractic Billing Experts
Get a chiropractic medical billing services biller with extensive knowledge of chiropractic coding and billing. Experienced in billing for spinal manipulation, extra spinal, orthotics, x-rays, modalities & more.
Dedicated, US Based Billers
Our expert billers give you personalized, live support. Call, text, email your biller or contact them through our chiropractic billing software.
Increase Revenue
Can you bill for physical therapy, aquatic therapy or orthotics? As part of our chiropractic medical billing services, we'll analyze your practice and then optimize billings to decrease denial rates.
Save Time
We handle all billing and claim denial follow-ups. We can also add-on eligibility checks and accounts receivables. We’ll call to determine if specific codes like 97032, L3020 etc… are eligible.
All Insurance, All States
Our chiropractic medical billing services cover in-network, out-of-network, VA, Medicare, all commercial, auto and workers' comp - across all states.
Always get clear communication on the status of all claims. Our chiropractic EHR and billing software gives you up-to-date dashboard and reporting.
A Billing Process Designed for Chiropractors

Tailored to your specific needs. We'll intimately understand your practice and onboard you onto our chiropractic billing software:

Onboarding specialist to handhold your transition
In-depth business practice consultation
Analysis to optimize your revenue
Training on our chiropractic EHR and billing software
All billing, denials, payment posting and insurance payer calls
Eligibility Checks and Accounts Receivable (as add-ons)
Experience in All Insurance Types

Our chiropractic medical billing services team can bill across all insurance types and states:

In-Network or Out-of-Network
Veterans Administration
Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid
Auto Insurance, PIP, Workers' Compensation
All Commercial & Regional Plans

7% for successful claims. Soundry's EHR is free if you process more than 10 claims a month.