About Us

Promoting Your Calling is Our Calling

We believe in the positive impact that complementary healthcare practitioners can make on people’s lives. We help providers manage their business and connect them with patients, while also educating patients about treatments and providers. 

We strive to empower people to find the best solutions at every stage along their challenging health journeys. 

Our Condition Sites

We understand that patients navigate an often long and complex personal health journey. Through our condition sites, patients can hone in on their personal condition and find the right resources, treatment and providers for their unique needs.

Our Values

We measure success on your growth. The health of the community is made up of individuals. 

Open and Accepting

We are an unbiased platform that is receptive to all forms of effective healing. We believe diversity and inclusion are actions not just words.

Always Human

We strive to improve human experiences. Our solutions are designed to improve connections. 


Science and data guides our decisions. We analyze behaviors and insights to identify impactful solutions that support everyone.

Future Forward

Learning is a lifetime journey. We are always looking towards future solutions and emerging healthcare movements. 


Soundry is funded by Redesign Health, a mission-driven innovation platform that launches transformative healthcare companies. Redesign Health companies elevate patient experience, increase transparency, and democratize access to high-quality care.