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Custom Billing Services

Personalized revenue cycle management, billing & accounts receivable services so you have peace of mind. 10% on successful insurance claims. 97% claim success.
Billing Process Audit & AR Analysis
We do a thorough audit to see where you can optimize billings. Historical accounts receivable analysis can also be added.
Experts in Your Specialty
We understand your practice and will file claims so you optimize revenue.
Eligibility Checks
Avoid denials and give your patients transparency by adding on rapid eligibility checks.
Claim Denial Follow-ups
We’ll do the follow-ups with payers on any claim denials.
Use Your Existing Systems
We can log into your existing systems. No need to change processes. If you use Soundry's EHR, the pricing is 7%. If we log into your EHR, the pricing is 10%. Ask your Sales Executive for more details.
Live, US Based Billers
All our billers are highly experienced and based in the US.


Typically, up to 10% for successful claims. Pricing will ultimately depend on your unique needs and specifically what you’d like us to take on for you.

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