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Get Paid Immediately

No more insurance hassles. We'll pay you upfront for your claims.

We pay you cash shortly after your patient visits
We take on any risk of denials
Setup fee of $100 to get started
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Get Paid Upfront
Within a week of you seeing your patient, we'll send you the insurance payment. Get cashflow quickly and seamlessly. No more accounts receivables or unpaid claims.
No More Fighting Insurance
Just document your visit and we'll take over all the insurance burdens. No more hassles or administrative burdens.
Increase Revenue
We have a 97%+ claim success rate. So we can increase your revenue and optimize your insurance billings.

How it Works

We'll handle everything end to end for you and take the practice management burdens of insurance billing off your plate:

We'll check eligibility and verify benefits
You just document visits in our Free EHR and billing software
Give us access to your ERAs, EOBs and fee information
You'll receive payment for that visit within a week
We file the insurance claim and do all the follow-ups
We're responsible for denials. You keep the payment
We'll help collect patient balances and balance bill
Dietitian/Nutritionist EHR and billing software

How Can You Pay Me Upfront - What's the Catch?

We are highly experienced and confident in our insurance billing process and EHR software for integrative specialties - with over 97% success rate. That's why we can offer this program:

  • We'll estimate the insurance payment to you based on your current fees and contracts
  • We then pay you upfront for that visit based on the estimate
  • As long as you've filled out all the correct documentation, if there is a denial later, we take all the risk
  • Cost is 12% of the estimated insurance allowed amount (most billing companies charge 10-12% of fees, won't work denials fully, and have much lower success rates overall)
  • No more administrative burdens, we'll do eligibility checks, follow-ups and collect patients balances

Spaces Limited (Select Date Below)

Cost to reserve your spot to start the setup process, including training and onboarding, is $100.

After the setup fee is paid, immediately select an onboarding meeting time with our specialist.

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